Susan Whatling

Susan studied architecture, art, design and after a varied start to her career spent many years in various roles in education. 
Susan graduated from Homerton College, Cambridge in 1998, teaching art and design with a strong interest in special education. 
Printmaking began with a personal passion in collagraph printing which she pursued within the educational setting with children of all ages during her career.

During 2012, after successful completion of an MA in education, Susan explored further printmaking processes and later was offered the opportunity to join Sudbourne Park Printmakers,
‘I’m pleased to say that after several years I’m still thoroughly enjoying the creative process of both etching and woodcuts.’

Susan uses various printmaking techniques often to explore and inform the themes in her paintings also and vice versa. 
Susan captures impressions of nature. Susan creates both woodcut prints and etchings that aim to engage the viewer often into a peaceful landscape to encourage reflection on their relationship with nature. 

Field of Dreams

Evening Light

Red Delight

Secluded Bay

The Space Between

Golden Delicious

The Lookout

Orfordness Lighthouse