Peter Chadwick

Peter works as a printmaker at Sudbourne alongside his career making documentary films.

He attended several printmaking workshops at Sudbourne Printmakers to learn etching and woodcuts and then joined as a full time member in 2010.

Etching has been his primary interest in printmaking – one of his etchings ‘The Cherry Tree’ was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and he has taken part in a wide range of exhibitions.

He says: “I love the way in etching that you are using techniques that are quite timeless, some having been used for hundreds of years. I combine hard ground and soft ground etching with aquatints and burnishing to get the effects I want – sometimes all in the same print.

Recently I have been trying other processes such as wood engraving. This uses the end grain of lemonwood or boxwood on specially prepared blocks. I have also been experimenting with collagraph prints.”

The Suffolk landscape with its estuaries, seascapes, heathland, and beautiful trees etc has provided inspiration for many of his prints along with nudes and other subjects.

He regularly attends a life drawing group and finds that this helps maintain the drawing skills used in printmaking.

Oak Tree
Etching with aquatint

Detail of: Sea Garden

Detail of: Tree in the Reedbeds, etching with aquatint

Detail of: Cornish Plant
Wood engraving

Ali on Herringbone Blanket
Etching with aquatint

Detail of: Seascape
Etching with aquatint

Detail of: Silver Birches

Detail of: Cherry Tree
Etching with aquatint