Michael Flint
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Michael Flint’s first solo exhibition was of ink and watercolour paintings of flowers at the Aldeburgh Cinema Gallery in 1997. It was after that show that his mentor, the artist Tim Fargher, suggested that etchings might suit his style. Fargher was right – in etching he has found the pantechnicon of means to suit his ideas. Since that time he has exhibited mainly etchings: landscapes, mainly of East Anglian coastal views, and what he calls the Remakes & Sequels series.

Michael Flint has had a lifelong interest in archaeology – he is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. Whilst in Orford Castle in Orford, Suffolk, England, he noticed an image scratched in the wall of the Castle. It was a sparse, seemingly abstract image, and he decided to use it as the basis of an etching. When the etching was completed, it was identified as a drawing of the eighteenth century signal station which stood near Orford Castle. But the etching was a work of art in its own right and it inspired him to seek out other graffiti in medieval churches. Thus, in his series of etchings, Remakes & Sequels, medieval graffiti found scratched on the columns and walls of churches and castles have been the starting point for a fascinating journey of delineation to the edge of abstraction charged with colour.

His etchings, which are now his preferred medium, have been in numerous exhibitions. In 1999, he was commissioned by the Château de Montcaud Hotel, Bagnols-sur-Ceze, France, to make an etching of the hotel as their millennium present to their guests. His etchings are to be found in private collections in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, the USA and Australia.

Michael Flint was a lawyer and a film production executive, being at one time head of feature film production for Paramount Pictures in Europe. Throughout his professional life as an international lawyer, he travelled the world collecting and accruing the resources to develop his artistic abilities beyond the commonplace, evolving a language of his own.

Michael Flint lives and works in Orford, the village in which he has his roots.

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