Mary Seymour

Since her initial training in Graphic Design at Chelsea School of Art, Mary more recently completed a degree and then diploma in Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin.

Observational drawing, which she has always found both a delight and a challenge, led her to etching which lends itself well to line-drawing. A metal plate has to be carefully prepared and the image made on it before the plate is consigned to an acid bath. After being ‘bitten’ in the acid, the plate is removed, cleaned and inked up before a print is taken. It is not a process that can be completely controlled and so much can happen at each stage so, up to a point,  the artist has to adapt to what happens and be flexible about the final result.

Mary has recently been working on a small series of prints of punts in Cambridge where she lives, interested in capturing the repeated patterns when the boats are lined up and when they are looked down on from a bridge. She has been experimenting with making monoprints, working faster and introducing more colour and a more free approach than etching usually allows.

Detail of: Snow Blanket on Punts, Etching


Boats Ashore
Monoprint and drypoint

Detail of: Goat Vase

Detail of: Snowy Plough

Detail of: Late autumn sunlight, Jesus Green, Cambridge, Etching

Looking Towards Orford Ness, Monoprint and drypoint

Detail of: Windowsill