Jennifer Hall

BA Hons in Graphic Design 1977-1980
BA Hons in Fine Art 2000-2003
MA in the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas 2008-2009
Level 4 Botanical drawing and watercolour illustration 2022-2023

Drawing has always been an important part of my life, it was and still is a way of exploring, seeing and understanding my surroundings – and for me printmaking is very much an extension of the drawing process.

Family, the natural world and landscape have often been the subject matter of much of my artwork, as well as the influences of the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas, an MA completed in 2009 at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich.  My work has also been driven by a fascination in ‘process’, how you make something. It has been rather wonderful to be able to try the many different ways of printmaking since becoming a Sudbourne Printmaker in 2005, hopefully there will be many more years of experimenting.

Instagram: @jenniferhall805

Detail of: Black Scabbard Fish, Madeira
Etching and Aquatint

Detail of: Bittern at Minsmere, Collagraph

Pink Cherry Blossom
Etching and aquatint

Detail of: Hedgehog
Wood engraving

Detail of: Auntie Kay’s Sylko
Etching and aquatint

Detail of: Stag Beetle
Etching and aquatint

Detail of: Minsmere Nature Reserve, Monotype

Detail of: Duncan
Etching and aquatint