In 1997 Michael, resident of Orford and local artist, became a member of the Ufford Print Group, run by Gareth Jones. By the spring of 2002, Michael was hooked on print-making.

He was shocked when he heard from Gareth that he was selling up and he immediately suggested that Group members, there were about ten of us, should put up the money to lease space to accommodate the presses in order that Gareth could continue to run the workshop.

Gareth was doubtful, but Michael was not discouraged. He remembered that a friend of his was renting from Sir Edward Greenwell, the owner of Sudbourne Park.

He rang and asked if there was any workshop space. ‘Yes’, they said, ‘we have Bothy Yard at Sudbourne Park’. The rest is history, as they say!

Thank you Michael, for your vision, your wisdom, your leadership, your companionship, and your friendship. You will be missed by many.

Derek Chambers


Hut by the River, Michael Flint

Sailing Boats Abstracted, Michael Flint